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 Malaysia welcomes you,
Sabah welcomes you.
Allow a professional to
take care of all the MM2H
procedures so you can
fully enjoy your second home.

Mt Kinabalu over Mengkabong River

Photo courtesy of #lfm999l

The Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is a Malaysian Government programme to facilitate and allow foreign citizens to stay in Malaysia on a social visit pass with multiple entry visa for a period of 10 years and is renewable.  Discover more through us, a registered agent under the MM2H programme since 2008.



Enjoy 10 years multiple entry visa, with no minimum requirement of stay​

-- x --

Special visa extended to parents and in-laws

-- x --

Eligible to engage domestic helper

-- x --

Purchase of residential property at attractive prices

-- x --

School-going children will be issued with student pass

-- x --

Foreign income received in Malaysia are tax-exempted

List Of Our Services

  • Forms from Sabah are slightly different from those that can be downloaded in the MM2H website as they are unique for the purpose of MM2H application in Sabah.

  • As your agent, we shall provide the Personal Bond (H.I.F 11) in the form of a guarantee.

  • We shall assist you to complete the application forms, do an appropriate write-up to support your application and draft the letter of application for you to make sure you fulfill all the requirements.

  • We shall guide you carefully in all 3 stages i.e.

    • pre-application up to the point of submission

    • upon receiving letter of conditional approval from the Immigration Department and

    • post-application matters.

  • The conditional approval letter is usually issued within 90 days after our submission of your application.  We make sure that all the documents are in order before submission.

  • Upon receiving your conditional approval from the Immigration, you are required to make a trip to Sabah within the six months of offer to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Open the MM2H Fixed Deposit

    • Medical check-up

    • Obtain the Hospital and Surgical Insurance Cover

  • We shall accompany and guide you each step of the way and thereafter, bring your passport to pay the levy and have it stamped.

  • You should allow yourself at least a 4 nights and 5 days stay in Kota Kinabalu to ensure that you have three full 'working days' in Sabah to duly obtain your MM2H visa.  We do offer packages for such trips at competitive prices.


Sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach

Photo courtesy of @lfm999


Paddy Field at

Nabalu Kundasang

Photo courtesy of @lfm999


MAHUA Rainforest Paradise

Photo courtesy of @lfm999


Orang Utan

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Photo courtesy of

Josephine Tay

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